Ukulele Lessons

Landon began studying ukulele shortly after moving to Hawaii in 2010. Having played guitar for 20 years already and having earned 2 master’s degrees in jazz studies and music education and having taught in the jazz studies department at Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou, China for about 4 years, it was a natural transition. Landon teaches the guitar and ukulele classes at Kapiolani Community College and is the owner of Honolulu Music Lessons Co-op. He learned mostly by transcribing and learning the songs of the modern masters like Jake Shimabukuro, Kalei Gamiao, Ohta-San and Herb Ohta Jr among others and breaking down and analyzing the various techniques used in those songs. Landon has played the uke professionally at major venues in Honolulu and for private events and weddings over the years. Landon’s teaching philosophy revolves around teaching music as an art and in order to understand music as art, one needs a balanced approach to learning and practice that includes not just learning song after song,

but scales, modes, chord voicings, rhythm notation, tabs, arpeggios and ear training in order to develop a broader understanding of music and establish a foundation that will lead to mastery, independence and resourcefulness over time. Landon makes use of many media resources and a large digital library of sheet music and study materials in lessons and he has the ear and ability to transcribe songs that students request if suitable charts can’t be found online so that students can begin learning the songs they request immediately. A student can start lessons if they are age 6 or older and all ages beyond that and skill levels are welcome. Landon’s step-by-step method allows the student to learn without being overly pressured or challenged with material that is too difficult for them. Lesson by lesson, skill by skill and song by song, you will begin over the course of the weeks and months to see a clear path towards proficiency, mastery and most importantly enjoyment and satisfaction.

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