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  • Guitar & Bass Lessons


    Landon has more than 20 years of teaching experience and offers lessons in acoustic or electric guitar, ukulele, or bass guitar in styles ranging from jazz to blues, classical, slack-key, rock, pop, latin music, country, acoustic fingerstyle, improvisation, music theory, and other styles and topics. His students have ranged in age from 5 to 85. Age 6 and above is the recommended age for starting lessons. Some students are professional musicians looking to expand their range, some want help to play in their school or church bands, but most are starting from little or no experience.

    Landon offers a proven modern step by step approach that steadily builds students’ confidence and skill level and students will have the opportunity but are not required to perform in recitals. Some students as they progress will choose to focus on rock, classical, jazz, country, folk, improvisation, or other style. Landon’s lessons follow the students’ interests as they evolve while grounding them in the basics of technique, rhythm, scales, harmony, and ear-training. The goals of his method are first, to get students playing songs that they enjoy as quickly as possible so that practicing at home is enjoyable and fun. Students choose their own songs if they prefer and have access to a large collection of digital sheet music and study materials when they are enrolled in lessons. If the requested song isn’t in the collection, we use the multimedia station in the studio to transcribe and create a custom music chart. Landon’s teaching is patient, positive and encouraging. It is also student centered, and geared towards helping students to achieve their goals. Students will eventually learn to read tablature (tabs), rhythms, counting time, scales, arpeggios, harmony and the theory to meet their needs. Learning to read music notation is recommended, but not required.

    Whether you are studying classical, rock, jazz or acoustic fingerstyle, all of these styles require proficiency in rhythm, listening, and a strong, efficient technique and that is why Landon’s approach centers around mastering these fundamental aspects of ear training and playing an instrument. Students will leave the lessons with the confidence and skill set they need to choose their own direction in music and study and create music independently for the rest of their lives.

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